The Easiest Way to Remove the SIM lock on your iPhone 6S

In the past, unlocking any iPhone 6S was one of the most difficult processes. You have to either take your phone to a hardware store or use complex software to unlock the phone. However, the modern method to unlock an iPhone is easy and simple. If you have an older iPhone and completed the contract period, you can ask the network operator to unlock the phone for you. According to the new Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, the operators can’t deny your request to unlock. However, unlocking brand new iPhone 6 is not possible by carriers. So, it is best to find a simple way to unlock the phone so that you can use it with any network operator.

The success of your unlock depends on the third party provider you choose. When you search how to unlock iPhone 6 on the internet, you can find numerous providers that claim to unlock the phone. Some methods are even supposed to be free. However, only with deep research, you will find that a reliable unlock provider is essential. You have to search for a third party source that provides you with the factory unlock method. When you use factory unlocking, your phone will work just like the original factory unlocked phone. Moreover, this unlock will work in any country with any network operator. So, you need to find a reputable unlocking provider that unlocks using factory unlocking method. You have to provide the IMEI number of your phone for iPhone 6S unlocking. You can easily find out this number by dialing *#06# on the phone app. The IMEI number will be displayed on the screen and you should write it down as well. This is crucial for the success of the factory unlocking method. Once you have your IMEI number, make the payment to kick-off the process. There is nothing else you need to do after this step.

Depending on the unlock provider you have chosen, you have to wait anywhere from a few hours to up to two days to receive the confirmation that your phone is unlocked. The company, such as has to add the IMEI number of your phone to Appleā€™s factory unlocked phones database. Once this step is complete, Apple will automatically recognize your iPhone as an unlocked iPhone. Once you receive confirmation that your iPhone is unlocked, you have to connect your phone to the iTunes store. You will be asked whether you want to restore your phone. You have to confirm to restore your phone. You need to complete this step to complete the factory unlocking process. Restoring will delete all data and settings in your iPhone. So it is best to take backup of all data before you restore the phone. After restoring, you can use the backup to retrieve old data and settings. Your phone will be unlocked now and you can use any SIM card with your iPhone.